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Star Struck at Tucson Fashion Week 2014

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Look at who all I got to meet and talk with during Tucson Fashion Week 2014!!!!!!!!!!

Some people go crazy over sport’s players. Some go ga-ga over movie stars. Some flip at meeting novelists. Me? I go nuts over Fashion Designers and Professional Ballet Dancers. So, imagine how excited I was to meet these people at Tucson Fashion Week 2014: Daniel Esquivel, Peach Carr, Bert Keeter, Mila Hermanovski, Korto Momolu (and baby Cameron), David Zyla, and model Camerone Parker!

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Meeting Peach Carr!

Friday, November 14th, 2014

I saw Peach Carr from not too far away several times during the second and third night’s of Tucson Fashion Week 2014, but I didn’t get to actually meet her until Daniel introduced me to her. Peach, well, what can I say? She is super, super cool! She’s adorable and tiny. Look at how tall I look next to her and I’m only 5’3.25″! Her style is super cool and I absolutely loved her collection. I particularly liked the textured fabric that she used, and the fact that she was wearing her own designs. I was lucky enough to get a pair of Peach Carr earrings, too! I adore her logo. It looks just like her! I’ve been thinking about what my own logo should look like, and I want mine to be just as cool as hers.

I stood and talked with Peach for at least five minutes (maybe more) one-on-one! She and I instantly bonded and she not only gave me a hug, but she welcomed me to become her Facebook friend. She was so sweet and kind. It was amazing to meet her.

Meeting Daniel Esquivel!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Remember the designer with the amazing mustache on Project Runway? Yes, that’s right! Daniel Esquivel!

I first met Daniel when Korto Momolu introduced me to him on the second night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014. His first words to me were, “Teagan, I love your style!” Yes, I was giddy with excitement! He’d even remembered my name from when David Zyla had me walk the runway that night!

Daniel has been amazingly, super-duper, incredibly nice to me. He invited me and my mom backstage on the third night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014 where I got to see AND TOUCH some of his incredible designs. He told me some secrets about what fabrics he used and what techniques he used with the fabrics he chose. I found him incredibly inspirational and I can’t wait to learn more from him. Unfortunately, the time backstage went so quickly that we didn’t get any photos. Let me tell you though, it was amazing! I look forward to showing my own collection alongside of amazing designers like Daniel!

I spent quite a bit of time on the second and third night’s of Tucson Fashion Week 2014 talking with Daniel. He is full of such interesting information, and he mentioned that he’s planning on coming back in 2015!


Here I am with the famous fashion designers Daniel Esquivel, Peach Carr, AND Bert Keeter! Talk about lucky me!


Walking on the Runway & Meeting David Zyla, #tfw2014 Night 2

Monday, November 10th, 2014

I love every aspect of fashion shows from the designers to the models to the styling to the speakers. I’ve auditioned for modeling roles several times now, as I really enjoy being on stage. I’ve never gotten the part though because they’ve always either been looking for an adult, or looking for someone significantly taller than me. I’m okay with this, but I’ve always wanted to walk a real runway!

The guest speaker for the second night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014 was Emmy Award-Winning Stylist & Best-Selling Author David Zyla. He is famous for so many things, it’s hard to pick just a few to list.

Before he made his presentation, he picked out (and “stalked” according to him) the five “best dressed” people of the evening. Imagine my utter SHOCK when I was called to come and walk the runway! Talk about a dream come true! I was told that my green dress was perfect for my coloring and that my archetype is the Mysterious Mermaid, according to David’s book “Color Your Style: How to Wear Your True Colors.” I’ve since read this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in fashion, coloring, and style.

To find out more about what that all means and what archetype you are, you’ll just have to buy David Zyla’s book!

Here I am with David Zyla. Yes, I got his autograph! :)


Meeting Korto Momolu!

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Admit it, you have favorites from Project Runway! Who doesn’t? Well, when a few of my favorites were scheduled to come to Tucson for Tucson Fashion Week 2014, you’d better believe that I was going to be there!

Much to my surprise, five Project Runway designers were not only showing on the third night, but they were attending the second night.

I first saw Korto Momolu. She was sitting about five rows away from my mom and me, and she was remarkably alone during an intermission. So, I went up and talked to her!

Korto is even prettier in real life than she is on television. Her baby, Cameron, is so very, very cute. Korto could not have been friendlier, or more supportive about my fashion designing aspirations. She gave me tips on how to become a fashion designer. I will definitely be taking her advice!

Most exciting of all though is that she liked my dress and styling, and she introduced me to Daniel Esquivel!