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Starfleet Jacket

Friday, January 1st, 2016

Using awesome Spoonflower fabric for the outside fabric, I recently made this jacket! To make the jacket, I studied several other jackets inside and out–literally. Then, I created my own pattern based on my own measurements. I’m happy with how it turned out. Look for more winter clothing soon.


My First Fashion Show

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015


“You might not remember me, but I’m the college administrator who helped get you registered last year. I was just so excited to see you signing up for a class that you were so excited about. I’m the one who took your picture for your photo id. Anyway, I loved seeing you in the show tonight. Your designs were great. Congratulations! Keep it up!”

“Hi, I’m the owner of (store). Have you heard of me? I really enjoyed watching you in the show tonight and I loved your designs. Please come to (store) sometime, as I’d love to have you as an intern. We could have so much fun together.”

These were just a couple of the super fun comments that I received this past Friday night at my first ever showing in a fashion show! As a Pima Community College student in the most basic construction class, I had two outfits showing in the 8th Annual Spring Fashion Show. The theme this year was “Around the World” and all designs had to fit into a city category of either London, Paris, Milan, or Tokyo. Students from a local high school were invited to show designs representing New York City.

The first thing that I had to show was my actual class project. I wasn’t overly thrilled with this at first, as the required project was 100% cotton (which I never use) pajama pants (which I never make). Luckily for me, so long as the basic design used a required pattern (which I also seldom use, as I prefer figuring out how things are put together on my own–like a 3D puzzle), I was allowed to embellish it in anyway that I wanted. So, I did! I added a reversible sewn-in skirt, which I reversed on the runway. I also made the shirt that I wore with the pants (stretch materials!). Very coincidentally, as I’d purchased the fabric before hearing what the city categories were, I had an Eiffel Tower print and this outfit fit into the Paris category. I won first place for the pants in my class category!

01174401 01155951 01160118_edited


The second outfit that I showed was inspired by the amazing pale pink cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan. This design is all me, as it was very dance-able and made of stretch materials. I wore my lucky Peach Carr faux-pearl earrings (that I received at last year’s Tucson Fashion Week) for good luck.

01173729  01173712


It was a huge treat for me to have the stylists at Aveda salon do my hair and makeup for the show. Since I was representing two cities, they did a hybrid Paris-Tokyo look for me. I’m happy with the result.

InstagramCapture_2ab7fac2-72e5-42c9-b6ee-95a12ae39c73 InstagramCapture_dca7922f-d551-4310-84fe-667e42a69ef3 01154619 01154629


Of course, I made my Mom’s outfit, Dad’s tie (made from a material that I designed and had printed from Spoonflower myself from a saguaro that I photographed in my yard), and sister’s outfit for them each to wear to watch the show, too. You might recognize Zoe’s outfit from previous outings; she’s a hard one to dress as she only likes “plain” clothing and so she keeps wearing this outfit that I made her quite some time ago.

Greg_Teagan Zoe_Teagan_Lisa


Here are actual runway photos. I cannot wait until my next show. Yes, I’ve already made several new outfits since Friday (it’s only Monday now as I write this). It was just such an inspiring day!

01192043_edited 01192050_edited 01192053_edited  01171250_edited WP_20150501_17_07_48_Pro

“Shatter Me” Solo Costume Design

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

I’m a dancer and a fashion designer. I plan to do both professionally, and I’m currently training very hard to become a professional ballerina (while spending my free time making clothes and costumes!).

I recently competed in a dance competition in a solo performance of the Lindsey Stirling/Lzzy Hale song “Shatter Me”. I was inspired by this song to make my own costume. I envisioned broken glass, shattering across the floor. Using that image, I collected a variety of glass-looking fabrics and created something soft and very dance-able. I’m very happy with how chaotic it turned out. To me, it fits the style of the song perfectly. I even made a headpiece.

Here are a few of my “Shatter Me” costume photos:

DSC_0030_edited DSC_0021_edited DSC_0047_edited  DSC_0007_edited DSC_0005_edited DSC_0003_editedDSC_0026_edited

Here is the actual competition dance:


Red and Black Party Client Dresses

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Hooray for a good client challenge! I was asked to make a Christmas PARTY dress for my friend, Peg Raisglid (owner of Lovin’ Spoonfuls Cafe). Peg is an amazing woman who has a doctorate’s degree and owns the first-ever all vegan restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. When she asked me to make her a dress, I thought she was kidding at first. Then, she kept coming to me with more and more requirements and I realized that she was serious! Some of her requirements included: (1) the colors must be mostly reds and blacks with a little white or gray, (2) long-sleeves were a must, and (3) it must be a party-worthy dress for the Christmas Day party that she was hosting.

Struggling to find just the right materials, I gathered a bunch over about two months. I made three dresses over a few days in December, had one fitting with Peg, and then gave her three final dresses with just days to go until her party. Happily for my family and me, we were invited to her party (can you say “Best Food At a Party–Ever”?!?) and so we got to see her final pick!

Here is the winning party dress! It met all of Peg’s requirements AND it’s still very much my own Teagan’s Creations style! I’m thrilled with the outcome. Doesn’t she look great?

WP_20141225_048  WP_20141225_049

Here are the fronts and backs of the other two outfits I made for Peg. She decided to keep all three, which pleases me a lot! I am, of course, wearing a dress that I designed myself, too. :)





Inspirations from my Fabric Stash: Dress #3 for Mom (orange, brown, red mix)

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

For the third night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014, I was super low on fabrics that I knew my mom would actually wear (she’s particular about what colors she is willing to wear, especially since she has red hair). I also didn’t have a lot of time. So, what I made was something I might never have made under any other circumstances. I didn’t have any single fabric that could make an entire dress. What I had, didn’t even look like it would match each other: a bright orange, a bright red and orange print, and a soft brown see-through print. Mixing and matching, and mixing and matching, I came up with this fun and unique idea.

That said, I absolutely love how it turns out. Mom does, too! She actually got a lot of compliments on this simple dress. My sister, Zoe, made the knotted necklace out of the remaining little bits of see-through brown paisley fabric. The dress has since inspired me to make a couple of very interesting dresses for myself.

Here are a few photos of the dress I made for my mom to wear on the third night of Tucson Fashion Week:

18224916_rotated 18180609_rotated

Inspirations from NYC: Green ZigZag Dress

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

On the second night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014, I made a dress that was inspired by Central Park in New York City. My mom and I went to Central Park together while we were in NYC this past summer. We saw it briefly one evening, but then spent a few hours wandering around in it on a Saturday. It was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect. Thousands of other people were also wandering around, including several bridal parties and Big Bird himself.

What I liked best about the park were the plants, although the bridges were pretty, too.

Here is the photo that I took and used as inspiration:


As you can see, it’s mostly green with just a little bit of purple.

Here is the drawing that I made:


As you can see, I was originally planning on using a lot more purple that what I ended up using. At my favorite fabric store, SAS Fabrics in Tucson, I scoured the fabrics, searching for the perfect greens to use. I was originally planning on either making stripes out of serged thread, or out of ribbons/cut strips of fabric. But, when I found a zig-zag green material, that was it! After making the dress, I decided that adding a purple border would be too much, so I didn’t add that feature. I did add a flower, but then I took it off at the suggestion of my Facebook fans. The purple ribbon sash I made was sufficient.

Here is the final result. The photos are taken by my friend, Peg Raisglid. She is the owner of Lovin’ Spoonfuls Cafe in Tucson, Arizona.

17153249_rotated 17153229_rotated 17153209_rotated

The dress cost about $5 to make and took a couple of hours. The ribbon belt was about 1/100th of a 99cent grab bag that I’d also purchased at SAS Fabrics (about a year ago). The bracelet was made by my sister, Zoe, when she was about ten. The shoes are also my sister’s. Wearing them was a last minute decision, and I’m glad I did it. I think the styling looks funky and cool with these shoes, but when I put on heels it didn’t really work for me.

I’m extremely happy with how this dress turned out. I received a lot of compliments on it. The Arizona Daily Star took a photo of my mom and me on this night that they posted on their website.

In fact, this is the dress that made it so that I met the Project Runway designers, too! (Thanks to David Zyla for calling me out in this dress!) I’m calling it my “good luck” dress.

Inspirations from my Fabric Stash: Dress #1 for Mom (oranges and teals)

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

With Tucson Fashion Week just a week and a half away, my mom went to Target and bought herself a dress! Needless to say, I was a little (okay, a lot!) disappointed. I happen to love Target clothes, but this was Tucson Fashion Week! I wanted her to wear of my Teagan’s Creations dresses. But…I have to admit, I’d never made her one. I’ve made her skirts in the past, and even a shirt. But, I’d never made her a full dress. Since I had a budget of $0, I dug through my stored fabric and came up with a plan. The plan included my mom taking that Target dress back to the store.

I started with a dress that I’d started making Mom about a year ago. She’d seen this fabric at JoAnn Fabrics and she’d love it, so I got some. The problem was, I’d only made clothes for myself and my sister at that point, and so the original dress was about 4 sizes too small for my mom… With a strong conviction that I was going to “Make it Work!” (a la Tim Gunn) I cut out the side seams and put in racer stripes of the same fabric down both sides of the dress. I also made the arm and neck holes bigger, and voila! It fit! This is the first dress that I’ve ever made for my mom. I think it turned out pretty nice. She was even told that (by Emmy Award-Winning Stylist & Best-Selling Author David Zyla on the second night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014) that the dress was “her” colors. I think she already knew that though.

I didn’t make a sketch for this one, I just went for it. Here is my mom, Lisa, with me. These photos were taken by our friend, Peg Raisglid. Peg is owner and founder of Lovin’ Spoonfuls Cafe, our favorite Tucson restaurant. We went out to eat before the fashion show that night. It was a very good day!



Inspirations from NYC: The High Line Dress

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

This past July, my mom and I traveled to NYC for a 3-week ballet summer intensive at Cynthia King Dance Studio (home of vegan ballet slippers!). During the days, I danced and danced and danced! During the evenings and weekends, we were tourists–seeing all the sites that we were interested in seeing. Since I’d just gotten my first phone, I used it like crazy to take as many photographs as I possibly could. This was so much fun!

Once back home in Arizona, I was given the challenge (by my parents, since they know that I love Project Runway-style fashion challenges) of finding at least five photographs on my phone that could become inspirations for dresses–specifically dresses. After scouring my photos, I picked some.

Here is one of the first inspirations I used. This is a photo of a stained glass window on The High Line in NYC. The High Line is basically an abandoned elevated subway track a little over a mile long. It has been turned into a super cool city park. While the tracks are still there, so now are plants and benches and much more. This was our absolute favorite spot in all of NYC and the only place we HAD to go to twice. If you are ever in New York City, I highly recommend going there!


Here is the drawing that I made of a dress based on my photograph:


Here is the final dress! I wore this dress on the third night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014. Dress is by ME! Purse by Betsy Johnson. Shoes and necklace are inexpensive ones from discount stores. The dress cost approximately $4 and about 6 hours of time (since I hand cut each fringe piece). Who says being fashionable has to cost a lot of money? Not me!


Inspirations from my Fabric Stash: Dress #2 for Mom (marbleized peacock colors)

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

The second dress that I made for my mom fit her perfectly on the first try. In fact, this is the one that had the best fit of all of three. It was completely inspired by the fabric itself, and the fact that Mom said that she preferred a dress with a defined waist and cap sleeves.

Here she is at the first night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014. She is wearing my Betsy Johnson belt that we got at Ross, and a black beaded vintage purse from her great grandma Ruth. The dress cost about $3 to make, less if you consider that I was using leftover fabric from another project.


Inspirations from NYC: The Purple and Pink Flower Dress

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Here I am at the first night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014 in one of the top 3 dresses that my Facebook fans voted for me to wear!


Since I find it extremely interesting how other fashion designers are inspired, I thought I’d show you a little of how I get inspired. One way is through photographs. I took this photograph in NYC this past summer.

Here is my original photo inspiration:


Here is my drawing based off of the photo inspiration:


Based on this drawing, I went shopping at SAS Fabrics in Tucson, AZ, for SOMETHING purple and stretchy. When I found purple fabric with pink flowers, I knew I had to get it. My mom didn’t love the fabric, but I had a plan! The fabric is very, very see-through, so I bought a striped fabric that I put underneath. You can’t see it much in the photos, but in person you can.

This dress cost about $6 to make (since it is two layers). The shoes were from Ross (discount store). The necklace was a fun find at a local craft fair about a year or so ago (made by a child!); I love it! I’ve had the bracelet for so long that I don’t remember where I got it. My hair is in a low “messy” bun (sorry dance teachers!), with curled sides.

Here is the final result. I wore this dress to the first night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014.