Inspirations from my Fabric Stash: Dress #3 for Mom (orange, brown, red mix)

November 12th, 2014

For the third night of Tucson Fashion Week 2014, I was super low on fabrics that I knew my mom would actually wear (she’s particular about what colors she is willing to wear, especially since she has red hair). I also didn’t have a lot of time. So, what I made was something I might never have made under any other circumstances. I didn’t have any single fabric that could make an entire dress. What I had, didn’t even look like it would match each other: a bright orange, a bright red and orange print, and a soft brown see-through print. Mixing and matching, and mixing and matching, I came up with this fun and unique idea.

That said, I absolutely love how it turns out. Mom does, too! She actually got a lot of compliments on this simple dress. My sister, Zoe, made the knotted necklace out of the remaining little bits of see-through brown paisley fabric. The dress has since inspired me to make a couple of very interesting dresses for myself.

Here are a few photos of the dress I made for my mom to wear on the third night of Tucson Fashion Week:

18224916_rotated 18180609_rotated


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