Meeting Peach Carr!

November 14th, 2014

I saw Peach Carr from not too far away several times during the second and third night’s of Tucson Fashion Week 2014, but I didn’t get to actually meet her until Daniel introduced me to her. Peach, well, what can I say? She is super, super cool! She’s adorable and tiny. Look at how tall I look next to her and I’m only 5’3.25″! Her style is super cool and I absolutely loved her collection. I particularly liked the textured fabric that she used, and the fact that she was wearing her own designs. I was lucky enough to get a pair of Peach Carr earrings, too! I adore her logo. It looks just like her! I’ve been thinking about what my own logo should look like, and I want mine to be just as cool as hers.

I stood and talked with Peach for at least five minutes (maybe more) one-on-one! She and I instantly bonded and she not only gave me a hug, but she welcomed me to become her Facebook friend. She was so sweet and kind. It was amazing to meet her.


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